Updated apps not scanned?

Samsung Galaxy S10e, Android 10, AT&T.


I am using the latest version of Sophos Intercept X. Today I downloaded eight app updates from the Google Play Store. Intercept X only scanned two of them. Avira Antivirus scanned all eight. I would prefer not to have a Avira installed, but when Intercept X does things like this, I feel I can't trust it. Is there any reason this happened and can it be fixed?


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    I have installed a few of the apps in my test device and Intercept X does scan those apps. Could you please check under App Security> Show scan details if it is showing any details out there 


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    Hi Shweta, thanks for your reply. As far as I can tell, Intercept X does ever show any scan details, except in a notification (like the picture in my previous post). It does not provide a detailed list of scanned apps, like Avira does, at least not that I can find. I am also confused by the fact that it ALWAYS says that the last scan was less than an hour ago; I have scheduled scans turned off. 

    I don't believe there is an issue with these apps, that makes Intercept X not scan them, but for some reason, in this case, it did not scan them OR more likely, did not list them in the notification for some reason. 

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    our development team will have a look at the incorrect information shown in the notification.
    Within the app itself you should also have the possibility to see what was actually scanned.

    You can find the information within the "Logs" section if you open the menu within the app.

    Maybe you can check if the app update are listed as scanned there.

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    Hi Stephan, thanks for your reply. I am sorry, but I had somehow missed the logs option, thanks very much for pointing that out. According to the logs for that day, there were seven apps scanned. Intercept X was not scanned, but I guess it does not scan itself, so nothing is missing. It is just a question of why the other apps did not come up in the notification.

    This does however, bring up the question of why the log shows scheduled scans when I have scheduled scans turned off. Also, there are some scans that do not list which app was scanned. What is Intercept X doing here? It does sometimes seem to scan random apps that were not updated or moved to the SD card. If you could provide any info on these two questions, it would be much appreciated.


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    Sorry, the first screenshot did not come up in the last message. 


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    Five apps were just scanned by Sophos Intercept X and I have no idea why. I see this behavior several times a day. These apps were neither just installed, updated or moved to the SD card. Any idea why this is happening? I am sorry this is going into some different issues than my original one, but these things just come up and I have been wondering about them for a long time.


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    Sophos Mobile Security will scan apps during installation on the Android device or when apps are launched from the SD card or USB storage devices. You can also choose to get a Scan notification for clean apps after installation. If you enable a Scheduled scan, an automatic scan will be performed regularly. 

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    Thanks for your reply Shweta. As I stated, these apps were not installed, updated or stored on the SD card. If they were, I would understand why they are being scanned, but they are not. Also, as I stated, scheduled scans is not enabled, but it is listing automatic scans anyway. From what you have said, these seem to be issues then?