How do I remove Intercept X beta

I appologize upfront if I am beeing abrasive and I applaud the company for making this software so hard to remove however, this is a beta enviroment and I want to test other software with it.


I have gone to sophos central and removed the PC that had Intercept X installed...that did not remove Intercept X.


I have gone through REVO uninstaller (which I used to monitor the Intercept X install ) and that did not remove it.


So now I am considering Intercept X as an APT malware system with the only recourse to remove being a re-image.  I honestly think that is a bad moto for a security company even though you want to stay persistant, you might have an option for users to remove the software that they install without any remnants left behind.  IT hates leftovers.


Does not look good for the future regardless of the reasons.

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    Take a look at this similar Community post and see the suggestion by  

    Let me know if that works.


  • In reply to Karlos:

    What does: "I have gone to sophos central and removed the PC" mean?

    Deleting the computer from Sophos Central will not remove the endpoint software.  The issue you'll have then, having deleted the computer, is you can't get disable tamper protection.

    As Tamper Protection uses a driver to protect the installation, without the password you will have to go into Safe Mode to disable the driver.