How do you Install Intercept-X?

We're a Sophos Cloud (Central) subscriber and looking to install Intercept-X which I just started a trial for. We've been running Endpoint Advanced Protection (started on Endpoint Standard in the beginning) since the beginning of this year.

When I go to download the Intercept-X installer, it gives me a checkbox to select Endpoint Advanced and/or Intercept-X. I checked off Intercept-X since I already have the Endpoint and agent installed. To my surprise, the installer wouldn't go through until I disabled tamper protection. This made me believe that I downloaded the wrong installer.

I re-downloaded and found that the file size of the downloaded file will be the exact same size whether I select Endpoint Advanced or Intercept-X or both. I don't believe this selection really means anything.

After downloading the "Intercept-X installer", disabling tamper protection, installing said file, and restarting my PC. I see no indication that Intercept-X is installed. Nothing in the tray other than the usual Endpoint Security and Control console. Product version still shows 11.3.1 Cloud.

I do see that I'm using 1 license in my trial now. Is it safe to assume it is now installed even though I cannot see it?
Should I be installing this some other way? It would be nice if the agent just saw that I was trialing it right now instead of having to deploy an executable to every client.