Intercept X available for home users ?


I've got a central account with Sophos XG Home, is Intercept X available for home users (Windows 10)?
Looking at moving away from Symantec, more so with their recent acquisition by Broadcom etc.
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    You can get the free trial for Intercept X from here or you can get Sophos Home which is a free program designed to protect every PC and Mac in your personal cyberspace. Please find the details here

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    Many thanks, will try the trial.


    Contacted a partner reseller in the UK and they're not interested in my business due to only wanting 2-3 licenses.


    Got XG setup and just getting things aligned, before I decide to abandon Untangle etc.

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    Sure please reach out to us if you face any issues.

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    I have a similar problem, I have a licensed XG but cannot get central or intercept x since I would only need 2 or 3 licenses.  But really I would like to be able to test and remediate on my own.