How to scan a downloaded file with Sophos Intercept X Android?

Hi, does Sophos Intercept X scans downloaded files from the internet? I am using Samsung Internet browser. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    If the zip files have been downloaded directly through https link, then Sophos Intercept X for mobile will not do the file scanning as the file data will be in the encrypted form. However, Sophos Intercept X for mobile will block the website which is in the block list even if it has been accessed with its https link. If you'll try to unzip those files, Sophos Intercept X for mobile will automatically detect the files. You can also manually scan within the app( Under App security). Even if you are not doing any manual scanning, the file will be detected whenever it'll be accessed by you or by any other application through Intercept X for mobile.

  • Hi, I was referring to any file like a PDF or text file. Not a zipped file.

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    Sophos Intercept X for mobile will delete the txt file or PDF file when you try to download it.

    Zip files will not be scanned while downloading. As  it will be scanned once zip file will be opened.

  • Thank you all so much for the help.

    I understood that anytime I download or open a file like a TEXT file or a PDF file Sophos Intercept X will scan it. If this is correct, then it will answer my question. I wanted to know if my Samsung S10+ will be well protected against malware while I am surfing the Internet with the Samsung browser.

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    Yes, you exactly got the point. You Samsung device protected when you are surfing an internet but just make sure all the feature are enabled in the Network Security because those are the exact protection you'll have while surfing the internet.

    This document will help you to understand the product.