How to Install Intercept X (Not Advanced)

I can only download Intercept X Advanced EDR with or without encryption.  I actually want to be able to download Intercept X not advanced and no EDR or drive encryption.

Intercept x Advanced requires 4GB RAM

I need just Intercept X (Not Advanced, No EDR and No Drive Encryption) which only requires 2GB RAM.

Is there a separate installer for this?

For Windows systems of course.

  • Hi  

    To install only Intercept X, you can use the command line switch option where you can specify the product you want to install with the "Products to Install" option. 
    Please note that EDR is a reporting tool and is not a software that is installed on each endpoint. The only pre-requisite if for endpoints to have Intercept X is installed. Kindly check this article for more information.
    Also from mange endpoint software(go to this link: you can identify which devices have the Encryption, Endpoint Advanced, Intercept X etc.

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    Hi Shweta,

    Many thanks.

    I just wanted to clarify if there is a difference between Intercept X and Intercept X Advanced.  If I use the command switch to install Intercept X will it install standard or Advanced?

    The only reason why I ask is that the installer I download from Sophos Central says that it is Intercept X Advanced and the system requirements show both Intercept X and Intercept X Advanced.

    Just for clarification. thanks.

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    You can use the command line switch to install only Intercept X Standard. 

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    Hi John,

    Intercept X Advanced is a bundle of Endpoint Protection + Intercept X.  If you use the command line switch of --products=intercept, you will only install Intercept X.