macOS 10.15 Sophos auto update Bytes written 27BG?

Have Interecept X running on macOS Catalina, (2014 mac mini) After a while the system begins to run very slowly. Looking at activity monitor that sophos autoupdate disk use at 27.70gb bytes written and 13.92gb read. Seems awfully high, is this normal

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    Seems high; but does AutoUpdate stay that way for a prolonged period of time? Once the updating cycle is done that should not happen any more.

    If it does you might want to do some basic troubleshooting to see if there is any other component causing your machine to slow down with Sophos installed, and include what you find when you start a ticket with Support.

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    Looking at the figures you have provided, there are very huge if you mean 27.70 Gigabyte of data for write and 13.92 Gigabyte for the read. If this is the case your disk utilization should be 100%.

    Sophos Autoupdate takes the disk utilization sometimes but when there is software update is available and is being downloaded on the machine, not usually.

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    We will need to find the exact component causing the issue. Please follow the steps suggested by  to see which component is causing the issue.