Better configuration of "Scheduled Scan


we are currently implementing Sophos Intercept X and would like to have all systems run a regular scan of the entire system.

However, there are very few configuration options in the policy for this. Is there another alternative? Perhaps via a script or something similar?

The following options for implementation would also be possible:

1. employees must manually perform a full scan of the system within a period of 7 days. If they fail to do this, Sophos will intervene and force the scan after the deadline.

2. employee has the option to postpone the automatic scan x times.

Thank you very much

  • Hi  

    You can set up and manage a scheduled scan by editing under the scheduled scan settings. There is no script available which indicates the user for the manual scan. I would suggest you raise a feature request for the same so that our development team can look into it and consider its feasibility. 

  • Hi Silvio,

    These options aren't available in Sophos Central yet so you'll need to go the route of a feature request as Shweta suggested,

    Full system scans are a bit of an outdated protection method.  Theoretically one full system scan after initial install should be enough and real-time scanning should detect any file read/writes going forward on the machine.  There's no need to rescan files if they haven't been changed or accessed recently.