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I have two apps that sophos detected as low reputation apps, one being mobile banking app (citizensnb mobile), second being an android system app (liveDemoService). I haven't found any solutions on the system app (ASUS) but I have read on some searches

that it is installed by apk file with permission to install from "unknown sources", so not clear on how to handle this issue (Asus Site was of no help either). Perhaps the low reputation on banking app is its a locally based bank (not known worldwide)? Thats my best guess. Can someone help guide me to a possible solution?? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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    Sophos Mobile security detects many applications installed from unknown resources as low reputation application but that doesn't mean that they are not secure.

    As you suggested, there is one banking application which is from the local bank and that might be a legitimate application but as Sophos Mobile security doesn't have many users or results from which it can decide that it is a legitimate application. In this case, you can submit a request to access the application to correct the reputation of the application.

    I'd suggest you refer to this article which will be very helpful and will also let you know how to submit a request for the application.

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