Supplementing Intercept X with Additional Security

Hey all, I'm trying to get together a security suite that contains protection from multiple vendors.  Currently rolling out Intercept-X Advanced, and for some, Advanced with EDR.  So my question is, has anyone tied to have I-X working alongside another product?  For example, Malwarebytes Enterprise (or EDR), Sentinel One, etc.  I'm trying not to rely on just one vendor for protection.  If there are any known conflicts, could someone point them to me?  Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Darrin, 

    Intercept X Advanced with EDR includes Endpoint (which has runtime protection) and as such, we do not support installing third-party AV software, as it will result in unexpected behavior. 

    The following article will have more details regarding Sophos' position on this topic. 

    Please let us know if you have any further questions. 


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    Hello RodS,


    Thanks for the reply.  I can see how AV software would conflict.  I'm being told that Malwarebytes (even the EDR), behaves differently than traditional AV, and focuses on the anti-malware remediation, and is designed specially not to conflict with installed AV.  I've been told this by people currently using Intercept X Advanced.  So it seems it could be different in this case.  I'll continue my research.  In the meantime, what are some non-AV products that could 100% be used along side I-X?

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    Hello  -

    We don't have a list of third party apps, but you may refer to the known issues for Intercept X list in the article that  linked in his response to see which applications have known incompatibility with Intercept X.