How long should a manual update take?

I have made a policy change that should allow a few applications to not be cleaned up by Sophos X and have clicked the update now on a workstation I want to test this policy on.  However, it has been 30 minutes, yet the update has not been pushed yet.  How long should this take?  Is there a different manual way to push this policy change?

I am currently working on the machine I want to apply this to, so it is online. 



  • Hello Martin Blair,

    first of all, update now instructs a device to check for (and apply) software updates, it has no bearing on policies. Whenever there's a new (settings changed or different) policy for a device/user it's enqueued and it is up to the client to check in to Sophos Central to look for updates to the policy. Neither policies/commands/actions not software updates are ever pushed to the client.

    How did you determine or what makes you think that the policy has not been received?


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    Hey Christian - 

    Thanks for the reply. I think I found my issue in that link you provided: 

    "If the policy is 'user' based, and activated by a new user logging onto a system. This delay will mean the new user will continue to use the previous users policy until this new policy is updated."


    The Policy I made is user based and I didn't log out of my machine. 


    To answer the question on how I determined the policy hasn't been received was that the application I wanted to allow was still being cleaned up / removed by Sophos anytime I would try to extract it from a .zip.


    Thanks for the help!

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    I have wondered on this, good to know!