Intercept X Advanced License change

Hello, I have 60 Intercept X Advanced licenses and 3 Intercept X Advanced for Server licenses, how can I upgrade all licenses for Intercept X Advanced with EDR? They will win in 2022.

Thank you all

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    I believe this is something your partner or our customer care team should be able to help you out with. These links will help you out-

  • $ 4,000 to upgrade my licenses. Very expensive.


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    Im using Sophos Cloud Central Intercept X Advanced which will be expired o 20th Nov, 2019. Today I just purchased(got my license today) Intercept X Advanced With EDR solution. Im not sure that how My End User's Agents will be updated , Will it be automatic or do i have to do it manually ? How I can check if the user is updated or not ?



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    Please check whether the license is starting from your purchase date or from Nov 21. If you have done the renewal on the same license number, it will be automatically updated in the licensing tab of your Sophos Central account.

    If you have purchased a new license with a different license number, you need to activate the license through this article. From the start day of that license, endpoints agents will be automatically updated to the new license if it is activated.

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    I have battled this cost as well.  I did come up with a better way to present it to management.

    $4000 / 63 Computers is $63.50 per computer.  Which is not too bad.  I am curious is this a 1/2/3 year license?  I suspect it is a 3-year quote.

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    Hello Jesmin

    Thank you. I have purchased/renew the License under same account.

    My question was,

    Currently my End User's AV's agents are Intercept X advance. And I have just purchased new License like Intercept X advance with EDR. Now Do I have to update the agents manually ? or Do they get updated automatically ?  Is it like they will be updated after 20th November ?

    If I have to do something ,then I want to know what should I do ? IS there any documents for such upgrade ? Like Upgrade path documents ??



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    For EDR - it is to be enabled in Sophos Central. Please note that EDR is a reporting tool and is not a software that is installed on each endpoint. The only pre-requisite if for endpoints to have Intercept X is installed.

    To verify that you have EDR enabled in Sophos Central:

    1. Access Sophos Central Admin > Endpoint Protection > Policies
    2. Under Threat Protection click on the Policy assigned to your Users/Computers
    3. Click Setting and scroll down to Remediation.
    4. Select the option Allow computers to send data on suspicious files and network events to Sophos Central.
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    It was disabled. I just enabled it for both EnD Users and Servers.

    thanks for the help.