Sophos Endpoint Intercept X 2.0 impacting Performance - slow?

On a new software build of windows 10 on a T450 Lenovo, we found that at the end we installed Sophos Endpoint Intercept X 2.0 and it significantly slowed down the computer.  All aspects of the computer became slow.  On first bootup, connecting the Wifi - slow.  On login, the CPU would pin at 100% for long periods of time with high memory usage.  All applications would be slow to open, printing would be very slow. This is a new laptop i5, 8 GB RAM, 256 SSD.

We would remove the Intercept X and the computer would return to normal operation.  Fast bootup, fast login, apps, etc...

Now for this customer, then use Trend Micro as their primary AV.  We have Sophos Intercept X added on for the extra protection. We did not have issues previously until the Intercept X Version went up to 2.0.  Has anyone else noticed a large performance hit with Intercept X 2.0?

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    Hi Ted Bundy,

    Do you have a ticket number so that we can have a look? 

    Otherwise, I suggest you reach out to Support and file a case for further review and troubleshooting.

    Also, to determine which version of Intercept X is installed, double click on the Sophos icon in the System tray --> About , and look for "Sophos Intercept X" under Products. You will see the version listed there. 


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    In the registry, if you create a new DWORD called ServicesPipeTimeout under the key:



    and set the value to 60000 decimal, i.e. 60 seconds from the default of 30 seconds (30000 as mentioned in the email) does everything work when you reboot?

    I'm just curious if that even helps if they were given more time.




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    Did this work for anyone with the problem?

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    Yep, i tried it on a PC and the audio service did eventually start, it made the logon extremely long & slow though. I wont be deploying this out as a fix as I would rather sopos fix the issue. But if your desperate, then it may be a workaround until sopos stops blocking.

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    Tried it myself and agree the system boot time is way too long. I also noticed this is only occurring on systems with spinning HD's and not systems with SSD's. They need to fix this problem asap ;)

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    I would like to move my (small) organization to Sophos Endpoint with Intercept X, but the performance with this release was too slow as described in this thread. It seems the time to resolution on this is way too long.

    Is that generally the speed of working at Sophos, or is this just complicated? If it is general I will look elsewhere.

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    We have Intercept X activated on all machines and don't see any impact. At least nobody complains about slow performance. Maybe because we use SSDs everywhere now?

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    Yep if you have ssd drives you seem to be ok. But if you still have old spinning disks then look out! I agree the support is terrible. It goes to level 1 for ages, then level 2 for ages, then they acknowledge that it is a real problem & it finally goes to level 3. That's when they will fix it. They don't realise that enterprises cant work like this. It's too long to wait.