Having Real trouble testing out interceptX in school on a few machines on a trial basis.

So here are our issues.

Sophos control centre reports only 2 machines out of 4 machines on which client is installed.

Even though the client is installed and we had ticked green circles when we installed the product, it complains it's unable to update and about a real time scan. There is no way to initiate one ( at least there is nothing in the system tray).

From the dash board we can't drill down to see which machines the summary is reporting about.

It's not that we are not used to using this sort of an interface! We use many of them on a daily basis.

We have had a message back to say to uninstall the product / restart and re-install and with this we have just one machine working out of 4. All of them complain they can't connect to dci.sophosupd.com/update. Our firewalls are not blocking these connections.

Sophos Central console is not entirely logical FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE - the entire ICT Team at Whitmore agree on this at this point. So we would like to know how it works please. Thanks.

HELP !!!! we have logged calls with LGFL yesterday and haven't been responded to so far. I am sure they are waiting for responses from Sophos to reportback to us.

  • Would you be able to link a SophosUpdate log file from a problem client?