remove inheritance and exclude ports


I want to install sophos on a critical machine 

1  . windows server 


I want to exclude some ports 

as far as i Know sophos will control windows firewall ? 

How can ~Control this behaviour 


2. Suse linux server  and redhat 7 

I want to exclude some ports 

What is the pros and cons on suse linux server  and redhat 



How can I  stop policy inheriting from top 



  • Hi  

    Sophos Firewall component in the Sophos Central Endpoint/Server protection just monitors the Windows firewall which is on the machine. There are setting which you can apply to the machine's windows firewall but for exceptions, you need to provide exceptions on the Windows firewall via GPO or through an individual machine.

    Please refer to this document to know the functions of the Firewall policy in the central. Firewall policy is only for the Windows operating system not for Linux.

  • In reply to Jasmin:


    I just want to add some details here, 


    If the endpoints are managed by Enterprise Console, you can refer the knowledge base article here to know what are the ports to be whitelisted.


    If the endpoints are managed via Sophos central [cloud] portal, then you need to follow the below article to whitelist Sophos Domains and ports