Disable autodiscovery proxy

Hello at all,


 Current situation:

In my company we have two separate proxies running.

-One old proxy still used by some older systems.

-One newer proxy for newer system.


Both of them request authentication to connect.

The old proxy needs a special configuration for each user. The newer one uses the user AD authentication.


I try to install Sophos Intercept X on some Windows 10 endpoints.

In Sophos Central I inserted the settings of our newer AD authenticated proxy. For authentication I use a special configured AD user (created only for this authentication purpose).

On the endpoint I configured the newer proxy and switched off settings for automatic detection.

But when I try to install Intercept X I receive constantly the following error:

Discovered the automatic proxy OLDPROXY:8080
Attempting to connect using proxy 'OLDPROXY:8080' of type 'Auto-Discovered'.
Set security protocol: 00000800
Opening connection to api-cloudstation-eu-central-1.prod.hydra.sophos.com
Request content size: 28
Response status code: 407
Response data size: 0
Failed to connect using proxy 'OLDPROXY:8080' with error: Credentials were not provided to authenticate with proxy:OLDPROXY:8080

Even if I insert the settings and credentials of the old and discovered proxy I get this error. Is it possible to disable the proxy auto discovery during the process of installation?


Thank you!