slowness after leaving computers on

We have this on many computers.

We run Solarwinds N-Central which pushes out BitDefender. We install InterceptX over top of this. After a day, leaving the computer on over night, it will be so slow the next day.

We cannot see any memory leaks. CPU is fine, no disk activity. Exceptions have been put in both sides (bitdefender and interceptx) for both products.

We've now had this issue for over a year and never had a fix by Sophos which stops us deploying this to all of our customers.

Does anyone have any information that can help?

  • Hi  

    Can you please confirm if disabling any one of these is resolving your issue? Were you able to isolate the product that is causing the issue?

    Is it seen on all the Windows clients are any specific operating systems?

    Do you have any case open with Sophos Support? If yes, can you please share the ticket number?

  • In reply to Gowtham Mani:

    We have tested on all flavours of Windows10. We had this issue on the previous version of InterceptX.

    We did have cases open, but I don't know the numbers anymore as it was some time ago. We thought we'd try again with InterceptX 2.0

    I'll try removing Bitdefender today and see how that goes.

    We can't isolate anything. It looks like a driver issue, as cpu, memory, IO all look fine. There is just a big delay in operations within Windows.

  • In reply to HaydenKirk:

    Hi Hyden,

    I just want to add on this that We have known performance issues with BitDefender on computers running Intercept-X.