Live Discover Query - History of Safe Mode system startup

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We want a query to list the boot history of the device and if the boot was into safemode or not.

   CAST(datetime(time, 'unixepoch') AS TEXT) AS 'System Startup Date-Time',
   CASE JSON_EXTRACT(data, '$.EventData.BootMode')
      WHEN '0' THEN 'Normal_Boot'
      WHEN '1' THEN 'Safe-Mode'
      ELSE 'Unknown Mode: ' || JSON_EXTRACT(data, '$.EventData.BootMode')
   END AS 'Boot Mode',
   'Windows ' || JSON_EXTRACT(data, '$.EventData.MajorVersion') || '.' || JSON_EXTRACT(data, '$.EventData.MinorVersion') || '.' || JSON_EXTRACT(data, '$.EventData.BuildVersion') AS 'OS_Version'
FROM sophos_windows_events
WHERE (eventid = 12 AND task = 1)
   AND time > STRFTIME('%s','NOW','-90 DAYS')


OK that gives us the boot history but how to tell if it is a safemode boot or not?

  • This was requested by a customer,  for others if there is a query you want but don't know how to write please just ask and we will see what we can do.


    Thanks all.