We are in final testing

With December here I am happy to announce that we have started final regression testing to prepare the product for general release.  A few things to note on how this will become available. When we move to general availability all customers in the EAP will have deep learning enabled, and this can be turned off in a policy control.  For new accounts that are created deep learning will be ON and from policy it can be turned off.  For existing accounts that are not participating in the EAP the machine learning feature will be OFF and can be turned on.  As we monitor the feature in global deployment we will turn on machine learning for existing accounts.

With this release we will be adding a number of new features, from the additional exploit protection methods to new active adversary mitigation to prevent illegal process privilege escalation and credential theft to the powerful deep learning machine learning model to detect both existing and zero day malicious executable.

When we compare the Sophos endpoint protection product where endpoint advanced and Intercept X are deployed as a single agent we have what we think is clearly the most advanced solution available. An endpoint protected with the Sophos product will have multiple layers of defense to protect against the most advanced threats and the bulk malware that already exists. Unlike many of our competitors that have good technology for one or perhaps two threat areas the Sophos product provides industry leading machine learning for the detection of malicious and unwanted executables, comprehensive exploit protection to prevent the initial compromise of a system, powerful behavior analytics with what is clearly the industry leading anti-ransomware behavior analytic, and advanced attack surface reduction capabilities, data loss prevention and more.  To help understand the power of what each of these layers offer I have create a new video that demonstrates each of these fundamental layers of protection. 

Check out the Power of the Plus video.