Sophos Tester

We are providing Sophos Tester.exe.  This application will install on a windows machine and on install you need to accept an end user license agreement and safety notice.

This version of Sophos Tester is intended for use with the Early Access Program only.  If you run the Sophos Tester on an endpoint with an earlier version of Intercept X you may see errors for some tests.

The Sophos tester does not deploy malware and will not harm your system. It is intended to confirm the various features available in the early access program so that administrators can generate event notifications for attack techniques and view the results in Sophos Central.  You can down load Sophos Tester from the Tools section of the early access program. 

A power point describing the tool in more detail is available in the document section of the early access program.

For more advanced testing customers can use a variety of penetration testing tools that will perform exploit activity that should be detected by Sophos Intercept X. Penetration testing tools are available on-line, but please be aware these tools are also used by criminal syndicates and others in their attacks, so confirm with your security teams before downloading metasploit, kali linix or other advanced penetration test tools.

Check out the Video showing the use of Sophos Tester Demo running on an unprotected endpoint and on an endpoint protected by Intercept X EAP