Intercept X EAP wins 3rd party comparison on credential theft protection

Prior to the Early Access Program we released the credential theft protection capability in HitManPro.Alert beta.  HitManPro.Alert was part of the Sophos acquisition of Surfright and is the core technology for the anti-exploit and cryptoguard features in Intercept.   From this head to head assessment by MRG Effitas you can see just how incomplete some of the other security vendors are in this regards. 

Credential theft protection is critical when thinking about security because it provides a defense even if the adversary has otherwise compromised the device.  The stages of attack often involve much more than simply trying to get malware to run on one device. As we saw with Petya, it spread by using credential theft, and with what we see in advanced adversary attacks the compromise of a single device is just the start of the attack. Adversaries may find it relatively easy to convince one of your employees to install malware but find that that user does not have much of value for them. So the adversary looks to leverage that compromise to move to other devices in the network. Credential theft is critical to make that lateral movement simple. By stealing current authentication credentials from the device they can often grab the IT Admins password and now go anywhere they desire.   This 3rd party assessment of credential theft technology covers Sophos (HitmanPro.Alert beta) and many of the other vendors in the security space.