Early Access admittance ends January 19th.

EAP admittance ends January 19th

Still looking to join the Sophos Intercept X Early Access Program? Time is running out. The final day to gain admittance will be on January 19th.  As we approach the general availability release date of the newest version of Intercept X the EAP program will end. Therefore we are admitting new customers only for a few more days. It is worth noting that existing EAP customers will be the first to get the new release upon GA. Non-EAP customers will receive the new version on a rolling basis afterwards.

What will happen when the product is generally available?

The release will include the new deep learning model for detection of malware and potentially unwanted applications.

For customers participating in the Early Access Program please be aware that when the update for intercept X is launched the deep learning model will be enabled for ALL threat protection policies.  Once released you can turn on or off the deep learning detection of malware in the threat  protection policies.  If you do not want deep learning enabled for computers not currently participating in the early access program you will need to unassign devices from the EAP program. This will revert them to the current shipping intercept X license features.  You can do this from the Intercept X New Features Early Access Programs page, simply manage devices and remove all devices from the assigned devices column.

For customers not participating in the Early Access Program a policy option to enable machine learning will be available, so if you want to turn on deep learning simply set it in the policy. 

Over time we will automatically enable machine learning for all accounts who have not already set the policy option to ON or OFF.

NOTE that we release these types of major updates in phases, so when the product becomes generally available all new accounts will receive the current version of the software, customers not in the early access program will have the new software delivered to their endpoints over several days as we roll out to all accounts.