Early Access Program Release: CryptoGuard for macOS

Intercept X CryptoGuard technology is now available for early access program testing on macOS

When Intercept X launched for Windows desktops in September, we heard a lot of requests for macOS. We're delighted to announce availability of the Early Access Program of our CryptoGuard anti-ransomware technology for Apple Mac computers.

If you're already using Intercept X or have a Sophos Central account for a trial or to manage another product, you can join the Early Access Program here https://cloud.sophos.com/manage/eap 

It is scheduled to run until April 2017 and offers a way to get an early look at the technology and provide feedback.

  • I have joined this and add a Mac to the program. What are the next steps, will it update automatically ?

  • Thanks Matt. I have joined the program from my existing Sophos Central account but .....where I can download the InterceptX package for MAC?

    I am already managing the Windows version of it.


  • Hi Steve, once your Mac is assigned to the EAP it should start the SophosCryptoGuard process (as seen in Activity Monitor) automatically.

  • Hi lferrara, there is no separate Intercept X software for the Mac at this time. Once you've added your Mac to the EAP (this requires you deploy the Endpoint Protection package to it already) the SophosCryptoGuard process will be started automatically.

  • Hi Matt,

    We have joined EAP but are having issues on some stations(Mac becomes unresponsive, black screen and only reboot helps observed on 3 different Mac's), where can we report it, I have SDU log from two units.

  • with the EAP ending this month, does that mean that general release is imminent? will it be in GR before the EAP ends?

  • Same as 1TrueBob's comment below - with the notification that has been received today this is ending, there is no communication regarding a permanent version? - we run 10 MAC's and important that this protection is available. Please advise?