Erreurs rapportées dans savlog


2 types d'erreur rapportées dans savlog:

1/ failure to download 'sdss:SOPHOS' invalid authentication check PrimaryUpdate Username/Password.

 Comment les vérifier et les corriger?

2/ The threat data is out of date and should be updated. Voir copie d'écran savlog.

Merci par avance.   Michel

 La mise à jour manuelle (ligne de commande) ne fonctionne pas.

  • Hi,


    I'm sorry, I don't speak French, but google translate gives me an idea of your problem.


    During the installation there is an option to get free credentials, which will automatically get valid update credentials.

    If you didn't get that option during installation, try downloading a fresh copy of SAV any try again.




  • In reply to DouglasLeeder:

    Hi Douglas!

    Many many thanks for your contribution and suggestions.

    I have now uninstalled and then reinstalled my fresh copy of Sophos AV

    to get new credentials for free.

    I am fully confident of Sophos AV efficiency.

    However, I noticed some discrepancies between the Guide for configuration and

    several items to be selected while installing Sophos AV as a free tool.

    As an example the Guide recommends selecting an "Automatic updating" during installation.

    I could not see nor thus select such an item while running the installation process.

    I only have one question in this respect:

    How can I check that updating of Sophos AV, particularly  the threat data, regularly takes place?

    Getting an answer to this question would help me in understanding how Sophos AV actually operates.


    Thank you in advance for answering this question.


    Regards to everybody.


    Michel Frechede

  • In reply to Michel FRECHEDE:

    Hello Michel Frechede,

    like other messages those related to updating are written to syslog.
    /opt/sophos-av/bin/savdstatus --version should tell you the time of the last update.

    To check or modify the updating configuration use /opt/sophos-av/bin/savsetup (please see also chapter 13 in the configuration guide).


  • In reply to QC:

    Hi Christian!


    Thank you very much for your prompt answer that will prove of great help.

    As you may have guessed SophosAV full beginners like me may wonder on trivial points.




    Michel FRECHEDE