Sophos Mobile Security for Android

Sophos Mobile Security(SMS) for Android is detecting USCellular Mobile Data Security(MDS) as a PUA.  USCellular MDS is disabled and off as far as I can see but, SMS still detects it.  Is there any way to stop the detection?

Thank you

  • Hi Zebra,


    Your options would be to either turn App Reputation off 


    add the app to the Allowed Apps List


    For more details, please follow our Knowledgebase Article: Sophos Mobile Security: FAQ on App Reputation




  • In reply to Karlos:

    Hi Karlos,

    I have App reputation off.  It looks like adding to the Allowed list is not a feature of the Free Sophos Mobile Security?

  • In reply to Zebra:

    You can't ignore it?  In other Sophos products, you can click ignore to remove the warning without doing anything.

    A Potentially Unwanted Application is just an app that Sophos doesn't recognize as malware but know it could cause headaches.  If you know what it is and want to see it, then it is a Wanted Application.