malware won’t clear in quarantine manager

I got an malware alert, the file is volume/playnow/  but it does not clear automatically, and I do not know how to clear this manually! I have tried clicking where the file appeared and it appeared to be as a device which I attempted to ‘eject’, but it is still in the quarantine manager list ! how do i get rid if it? thx

  • Not sure on how to remove it. For me, it was my work machine. No idea where the files came from but got a ticket from admins saying I had to reimage my machine immediatly because "there is no trusted malware removal procedure". There were two other files as well with the same path except in the playnow part they had /playnow 2/ and /playnow 3/. You might want to check and see if you have those as well. I know it sucks, but I would suggest backing up your system and doing the same. Do you know where you happened to get the file from?