Plesk : Sophos antivirus for Linux

just wondering if this antivirus for Linux can work with Plesk panel: plesk is the 2end biggest web panel for hosting websites just after Cpanel.

Plesk claims there are 377,000 servers around the world that run Plesk and most of them run without an antivirus. Because Plesk has NO free antivirus...

They do have Extensions that other company can add their programs too but there is no Sophos extension. So many ppl are looking for an antivirus for Plesk look here:

It would be nice to have one AV from your company Seeing as many Plesk users are not that kneadable with servers which is why they use a platform like Plesk.... 

Anyhow im in need of a free antivirus and i was wandering if Sophos free antivirus for Linux could work running on the same server as my Plesk panel?

  • Hello ray kai,

    I've found only one applicable thread that also doesn't tell whether it works or not. If it works then without panel integration. There used to be a local GUI which has been removed, now it's either hardcore command-line or management through Sophos Cloud (and maybe Home) but not a panel integration (especially for a free version). My personal opinion though.