License warning 9.503-4

I keep getting license warning and exceeded messages on UTM 9.503-4.  My DHCP scope is set to 1 - 140 (40 IP) but when I go to look at license IP I see lots of IP's that are above 140.  Everything gets a DHCP address on the UTM is the only DHCP server on the network?


Any thoughts?



  • No one? 


    I've been running Astaro/Sophos for a long, long time and never had an issue with the license.  Based on my DHCP leases I have less than 20 devices.  I'd really like to understand how it thinks I'm over 50.



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    you need to be in the UTM forum. Buy have you recently installed some software that does a scan eg a printer installation or run a network scan for IP addresses?

    Wait a week and your excess addresses should age off if they are not renewed.