[sophos-av] Installation aborted on Ubuntu 19.10


I tried to install Sophos-AV on Ubuntu 19.10, but without success,i have the following error message

Installation completed.
Installation aborted.
global name 'sys' is not defined"

 when i try install with debug i get the trace below

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
  File "SavForLinux.py", line 27, in main
  File "Controller.py", line 123, in action
  File "Controller.py", line 408, in __install
  File "Controller.py", line 434, in postCleanInstallActions
  File "Controller.py", line 537, in __checkSavd
  File "ActionSupport.py", line 243, in runSavdstatus
  File "savdstatus.py", line 102, in run
  File "savdstatus.py", line 426, in __loadLocalisation
  File "savdstatus.py", line 88, in __saveException
NameError: global name 'sys' is not defined

someone has an idea to solve the problem, in the system requirement the supported distributions is 18.04 LTS but it seem to be a python issue.


  • Hello  

    From a support standpoint, please install Sophos on a system that fits the requirements described in this article.

    Please note that you can install SAV for Linux v10 if you have Sophos Central, and SAV for Linux v9 if you have a standalone, or have management via Sophos Enterprise Console.

  • In reply to DianneY:

    Thanks, DianneY for replay

    i have a business account, with licence for endpoint protection, but there is no version, for Linux workstations, that's why i tried to install sophos-av for my personal use at home, i think i will go back to distro 18.04 because your antivirus has a good reputation in the linux community.






  •  Locales have caused similar problems in the past. Maybe you are having the same problem?


    You should make sure your locale is properly configured.



    locale -a


    should show what is set and available.