SBAV - how often are the vdl files updated? Continuosly, or on a periodic basis?

In downloading SBAV, I note the Virus data version number doesn't change all that often.  Per the latest download (Virus data version 5.57), the last modification date was 2020.02.11 at 17:34.  While I know this is the scanning tool of last resort, why wouldn't the virus data be updated on a more frequent basis like once a month or even every two weeks.  According to this webpage, it was implied that the files were updated continuously (" The program will create an ISO file with the latest version of Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux including all recent virus protection updates.").  Just for the sake of argument, I downloaded the SBAV file on 2020.03.19 & 2020.03.25, and extracted the *.vdl files to a folder and ran a hash function on them for comparison's sake.  As expected, they were identical.

So the question remains: how often are the *.vdl files updated?

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    Definitions are usually updated in a day in the form of IDEs (in /Library/Sophos Anti-Virus/IDE/). The database (.../VDL/)  is updated once a month though. Please check out this link for more information.