Does Antivirus for Linux do live scaning of web pages?


I have been looking at the Antivirus for Linux software and trying to find out whether it intercepts and scans web pages requested by a browser and guards against visting malicious web sites. I don't think I have found an answer.

I wonder if anyone knows anything in this aspects of the software?

Thanks a lot

  • Hi HL1,

    I believe Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux does not have a feature for scanning web traffic/content; only file scanning and connections to command and control servers.

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    Thank your very much MEric.

    It looks like more research into which Sophos product will do the automatic web page scanning for malwares then.


  • In reply to HL1:

    Hello HL1,

    automatic web page scanning
    what use case do you have in mind, it doesn't sound like just protection of your workstation against threats? If it is research might be futile as there is only one Endpoint product for Linux.