xcy fanless pc router



I have fanless pc router, manufacture is xcy.

I insalled sophos free edition, then I tried.


Some companies block my authentication with valid password.

I asked one of them, they said "you accessed many times." Due to this activities they blocked my login.



1, Are there any information unauthorized access on sophos or malfunctioned hardware?

2, Are there any sophos log on these unautorized access?

3, If the hardware is malfunctioned, can sophos detect about it?

e.g. virus on BIOS, unauthorized packet sending by hardware.


According to amazon.com 's review, xcy initial windows has virus.

I don't know the hardware is malfunctioned or not.


  • Additional qustion.

    ISP / VPN is the man of the middle attacker. Is it possible?


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    No answer for long time.


    Sophos product cannot detect packet from malfunctioned  hardware.


    Or, are there any other solution?

  • Hi  

    Which Sophos Product are you using? Sophos XG for Home? Sophos UTM Home Edition?


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    Hi FloSupport, I used Sophos XG Firewall Home Use Edition. But device looks insecure so I have not use now. According to sophos announce, there are a message of "your device is vulnerable", it's might be detect device malfunction. I am not sure there detect rate. P. S. According to the buzwords, Some famous network printer is also unauthorized access to twtter/facebook etc. All of vendor which has network might be insecure. They are thirst for privacy data for marketing. Regards,
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    Thanks for reaching out.

    Would it be possible to please clarify regarding your insecurity concerns? Where are you seeing this message? Would it be possible to provide a screenshot?


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    My concern is hardware insecurities #1 and ISP/VPN insecurities #2.

    #1, Generally, industry / enterprise PC has management function.
    It's not insecure, it's for enterprise network management function.
    Modern PC has management interface on hardware/software.

    Intel ME, WebEX, etc. They are for remote support, remote update etc.

    Example:This is NOT meltdown. VIA CPU case.
    I am not sure it's backdoor or unofficial management function for enterprise customer.

    Using these PC, in home network, what should we do?

    These PC is supposed to used for secure or closed network.

    Can Sophos detect these problems on their installed hardware by self?

    Or are there any way to detect insecure hardware?

    For instance, chain connected Sophos products.

    Internet <--> Sophos#1 <--> Sophos#2 <--> home PC
    When Sophos#2 send strange packet, Sophos#1 detect it. Is it possible?

    Compare with Incoming Sophos#2 and Sophos#1 from home PC,

    It might be possible to detect.

    Or, should I log wireshark by self?

    #2, ISP/VPN is insecure.
    Perhaps, it's out of scope of Sophos.
    I found a SSL downgrade request to the destination server(Server answered refused).
    It's not my request it's from ISP or any other middle network do it.

    Are there any way to detect these unusual routing problems?

    *If there are no way to detect them, it's feature request.


     I think, most of home user use obsolete firmware or expired operating systems.

    e.g. Windows XP, Android 4.x, firmware which contains too old OSS software.

    Or, we use hobby OS which is not maintained perfectly.

    Perhaps, Sophos can be detect their unusual connections.

    If Sophos installed hardware is also insecure, it is the end of the home security.

    This is why I ask "Are there any way to hardware check for the Sophos installed hardware?"



    This grammar correction did not understand 'Sophos'.

    It's not wrong it's your brand:)

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    what free version of which software have you installed? You appear to be mixing anti-virus free tools with XG/SG home editions, totally different products, one is end user and the other is board guard (firewall protection) software.


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    rfcat_vk, I have already commented above. I am NOT Mixing. I hope to know "how to distinguish hardware safe or not". By the way, are there any patch info on SWAPGS attack for sophos? How about your Xeon? Is Xeon safe on recent x86 problems?