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Newbie Question - Sophos on Android - Lost Phone

I'll apologize upfront, as I am lost on this simple issue. I installed Sophos on my Android phone. I have lost my phone and I'm trying to find it using the find phone feature and potentially the wipe. However, I'm unable to access through a Sophos web tool on a laptop to use these features. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Tom

  • Hi Tom Stelter,

    May I know which Sophos product you are using? To locate your Mobile device or to Wipe it, you would have to install Sophos Mobile control (SMC). Can you confirm the Product, please?

  • In reply to Gowtham Mani:

    It's the Sophos Mobile Security app from the Google Play Store. Version 8.5.2803 (23).

  • In reply to Tom Stelter:

    Hi Tom Stelter,

    Thank you for the details, I assume you are using the free version. The loss and theft, Wipe, Lock and other similar features can be used if you have already set the password & a registered phone number.

    The command text must have a specific format and has to include a defined password.

    Before you can use Loss & Theft, you have to configure the required Android settings and provide Sophos Mobile Security with some information. You can either tap on the relevant setting in the Overview or swipe to the left to access one view after another.

    Can you confirm if the below settings are configured so that you can use Loss & Theft:

    1. Sophos Mobile Security must be Device administrator. Tap Activate.
    2. Swipe to the left.
      The Lock screen view appears.

      To enable the Loss & Theft feature, the Android screen lock has to be enabled by defining a PIN, password or pattern to unlock the screen. Tap on Configure to enable the Android screen lock.

    3. Swipe left.
      The Location services view is displayed.

      Sophos Mobile Security uses location services, for example GPS, to retrieve the location of a device.

    4. Swipe left.
      The Secure wipe view is displayed.

      Select for each file type listed whether a Fast or a Secure wipe will be performed.

    5. Swipe left.
      The Phone numbers view is displayed.

      You can define up to 5 phone numbers which you can use to locate and lock this device remotely. Sending an appropriate text message from these phone numbers will locate or lock the device immediately. Choose the phone number carefully, since with this number your location can be tracked and your phone can be tampered with. Loss & Theft will send one or a few response text messages to the remote command sender's number. Enter the phone number without spaces and with country and area code, or select a number from your contacts. Enter at least one number.

    6. Swipe left.
      The Text message password view is displayed.

      Tap Configure to define a secret password to ensure that only you can remotely locate and lock your device. It can be sent by email so that you can look it up in case your device is lost or stolen.

    Loss & Theft is now configured and you can use it to locate or lock your device if you lose it or it is stolen.
  • In reply to Gowtham Mani:

    Thanks, got it. Your help was greatly appreciated. Tom