Missing Shared .DLL for Sophos Virus Removal Tool.

I installed Sophos Virus Removal Tool on my Vista SP2 laptop several days ago.  It's been smooth until this morning.  I booted and ran Piriform's CCleaner version 5.44 and when cleaning the registry it found one missing shared .dll and the results are in the screen grab below.  Notepad is showing the details, as I right-clicked the error and saved to txt file from within CCloaner.  I know I can clean this and reinstall Sophos if needed, but I wanted to pass this along for security reasons, and ask if anyone can tell me if this is indicating my Vista system being messed with or if this type of thing happens sometimes.  My thinking says to uninstall Sophos and install freshly again.

  • Hi Christopher Jay Wolff,

    This could even happen if you have tried with other Virus removal tools in the machine. Let me know if you are seeing this again after a fresh install and no other AV or Virus removal tools run alongside.