Sophos Central Endpoint and SEC: Computers fail/hang on boot after the Microsoft Windows April 9, 2019 update. Please follow knowledge base article 133945

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Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux update error

Would someone from Sophos please contact me in a private message so that I can determine whether my credentials have simply been purged from your server, or whether there is another issue? Thanks

This is the free, standalone version.  Update and scan have been working for months.  However, at boot I am now getting:

savd: update.failed: Failed to download 'sdds:SOPHOS': invalid authentication. Please check PrimaryUpdateUsername and PrimaryUpdatePassword

savd: update.failed: Failed to replicate from all update sources
systemd: sav-update.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=61/n/a

(manual start has same failure.)

savsetup reports:

Primary update source address = sophos:
Primary update cache path = /opt/sophos-av/update/cache/Primary
Primary update source username = <omitted from this post, but matches what was previously working>
Primary update source password = ********
Update period minute = 60

  • All free installs use credentials from the same pool, so it's unlikely that any of them have stopped working.

    Running /opt/sophos-av/bin/savlog should show when the updating started failing.


    You might have to re-installed to refresh the update credentials if it continues to fail.

  • In reply to DouglasLeeder:

    Primary update source username
    Primary update source password

    were not generic, but ones I was asked to create.  Do I really have to reinstall, or can I just get the correct credentials?

  • In reply to Charles Evans:

    I am having the same issue. Watching with interest.

  • In reply to Grant McDuling:

    Hello Grant McDuling,

    so it did work but has stopped working?

    Credentials are normally fetched during install when you select the free version. You can always request a new set (that you have to enter manually) as mentioned in this post.


  • In reply to QC:

    Many thanks Christian. Worked a treat. I have just updated. 



  • In reply to Grant McDuling:

    I received an automatically generated e-mail saying Doug's original response was accepted! I rejected this, in view of Christian's answer.  It avoids an unnecessary uninstall/reinstall, but I'm unsure whether these new credentials are the unpaid/generic ones or whether they too will be purged from the system some time in the future.

    In short, a knowlegeable person within Sophos should accept Christian's answer if it is correct.

  • In reply to Charles Evans:

    Hello Charles Evans,

    ones I was asked to create
    the installer should fetch them in the background if you choose the free version, otherwise it doesn't ask you to create but to enter them (but maybe this is what you meant). I case of a trial or paid license (e.g. for Server Protection) you get the set of credentials you have to enter by email/paper. AFAIK free credentials aren't purged.
    Guess DouglasLeeder suggested a reinstall (note: uninstall shouldn't be necessary) because a) savsetup is arguably not easier to use, b) it should ensure that the installation is in a correct state and c) the procedure would be still valid if the fetching of credentials by the installer changes.

    And, BTW, I just referred to an answer by DouglasLeeder so it's not my answer