How do I get Chumsearch (adware) off my computer. It has taken over my search engine.

  • Hi Stanton, 

    Which Sophos Product are you using? Did you recently download anything online?

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    I have Sophos Home. 

    I thought I was upgrading my Adobe but downloaded a nasty Adware that has taken over my search engine and won't let me delete it or replace it.

    Sophos has scanned my computer a few times and thinks it's not an adware which is really disappointing.

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    First, what browser are you using? And what's your operating system? Are you able to see what browser extensions are installed that you might be able to remove? If you're using Windows, CCleaner has the ability to remove any browser extension you may have.

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    Hi Stanton, 

    I think it is the extension that has been added to the browser, As Alan suggests, you might have to check the browser extension.

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    i'm using Chrome.  When I go to manually remove, the ability to do so is disabled and you can't remove ChumSearch as the defualt browser. Two scan softwares don't pick it up as adwar (Sophos included).  It's embeded and even a system reset won't remove it

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    Hi Stanton Jones,

    Did you try to manually change the default search engine and homepage in chrome? Also, check for extensions.

    1. Open chrome> options> Settings > manager search engines> remove any unknown/ unwanted entries.

    2. Open chrome> options > more tools> Extensions> Remove any unknown/ Unwanted entries.

  • Has the problem been fixed? You could also try restoring your default Chrome settings if you go to Settings>Advanced and scroll all the way down to the bottom and choose reset settings. If that don't work I suggest downloading MalwareBytes antimalware free edition because you might have a spyware infection. All google searches seem to indicate this is a Mac spyware and there's a guide on removing it.