Has Home Edition been abandoned?

Really, I'm just trying to figure out if Sophos for Mac Home Edition has been abandoned. It's stuck at 9.6.1 while business endpoint is at 9.6.4 and about to update to 9.6.5.

I don't want to move to Sophos Home because it's still missing scheduled scans, but that program hasn't been updated since October 2016 as well according to the release notes.

  • Hello StuartShapiro,

    I'm afraid this is the case - i.e. development has been stopped but AFAIK it should still receive detection data updates.


  • QC is correct: all new development for consumers is going into Sophos Home. We may choose to release maintenance updates to the classic Home Edition (we did one today), but we definitely will not commit to doing this forever.
  • In reply to bobcook:

    Alright, thanks. So unfortunate!

    When do you think features in Sophos Home will catch up? I'm specifically referencing scheduled scans.