Sophos 9.01 Memory Usage out of Control

Memory Usage seems to be way up with version 9.  I mean really this is insane

SophosScanD 268MB

SophosANtiVirus 157MB

InterCheck 220MB

Sophos UI 12MB

Sophos SXLD 7MB

SophosConfigD 4MB

Sophos Autoupdate 11MB

I add these up and  get 679MB. I just removed it and loaded 8.x latest and get less than 200MB.  That is more than 3 times the amount of memory.  I tried this on a Mac Mini 2012 and a MacBook Pro late 2011 all with 10.8.4

  • Make sure that any other process is not running along with Sophos, when the scan is running. Any process such as installation along with scan or autoupdate can cause this issue. 


  • In reply to Om Choudhary:

    Same here. I'd be very happy to have a 679 MB memory usage like the opener...

    MacOS client has a really embarassing memory managment. It usually happens during Xcode compilation and Simulator sessions. We already tried to exclude Derived data and simulators folders with no luck. Unfortunately my company policies force me to keep it installed so please please please do something

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    Sometimes he stands still.

    Macos high sierra

    8gb ram

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  • In reply to Alfredo Alonso:

    Unfortunately you can't.

    I usually have to kill SophosScanD and SophosEventMonitor or restart the mac, but after a few compilations memory usage rises again.

    The amount of written data is also worrying: in less than 8 hour it wrote 90+ GB... It's literally eating up my SSD.

    The only solution I found is to try to convince my company to give me rights to uninstall it, but I don't think it's gonna happen...