SophosScanD 9.9.0 is slowing our computers performance (Macs) and draines battery



SophosScanD 9.9.0 is slowing our computers performance (91 % cpu Macs) and draines battery so badly so either a solution must take place soon or we have to move away from Sophos.

Any solution on this on the horizon? Otherwise we must choose another protection on our entire fleet of macs.



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    Apologies for the inconvenience you are facing. Can you please let us know which Sophos product you are using? Is it Sophos Home, Sophos Central endpoint or Sophos Enterprise Console endpoint? Is the issue reproducible on demand? If so, how? 

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    The product that we are using Sophos Central Endpoint.

    I would say that issue is there all of the time. How is the process SophoScandD supposed to work, should it be running all of the time or every now and then. My lab computer is running macOS Mojave 10.14.4 and I can not see the issue with rocess SophoScandD on that computer. It seems like it has something to do with macOS Mojave 10.14.5 and SophoScandD as far as I can see for now.


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    I would request you to open a support case for this issue as we will need to perform in-depth troubleshooting. Once that is done, please PM me the case number. 

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    Any update on this thread? We have been having nearly identical issues. I haven't worked with support recently, but past sessions haven't been super helpful. 


    I have found that taking the Mac off the domain (local user only) resolves the issue. Other AVs seem to work fine with a domain joined Mac. 





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    Could you please confirm if it is SophosScanD causing high CPU usage? Also, please confirm the version of the Sophos Anti-Virus you are using? Please check this article for the above-mentioned issue which was being resolved in version 9.9.2. 

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    Thanks for the reply! We are running 9.9.4. I have noticed CPU usage being lower recently, however battery drain and performance are still an issue. This only applies to devices joined to the domain. Devices with only a local user don't seem to have the problem. 

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    Could you please provide below information:

    1. Have you checked removing Sophos from those machines whether performance becomes smooth or not?

    2. As you mentioned CPU consumption is less after 9.9.4, could you please provide a brief idea about the performance issue you are facing like slowness is felt than when it is actually slow - all the time or while accessing any specific application?

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    1. Yes and it does.


    2. It's much better than before. Several months ago it was to the point of not being able to use the system. Now it is just intermittent slow downs. Battery usability goes down 50-60% when a computer is domain joined with the sophos endpoint and laptops are getting very hot even when they are not under a heavy load. My solution has been to remove the agent or unjoin from the domain and leave the agent installed. Either solution alleviates the pain. 

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    As the performance issue is intermittent and it happens with the machine when it is domain joined, we need to have few logs in order to analyze the situation better.

    I'd request you to open a support case, so the assigned engineer can guide you on which logs are needed and how they can be collected. Once done, please PM me the support case number.