Feature Request: Auto-Update (ALC.log) log viewer built into the ESH tool.

As we have lost the SAU log viewer in the newer versions of Sophos Endpoint Security & Control, it would be good to be able to view the ALC log with ease to help troubleshoot issues. Perhaps the viewer could get added into a future release of ESH?

  • I agree that a high level updating summary is quite useful.  

    The trace logs of AutoUpdate has been vastly improved of late but being so verbose it sometimes take a while to understand what has failed.  The high level ALC log is useful to spot if it's a download or install problem and for which package.  It's also useful to see when the last successful update was as there isn't so much to scroll through and it has more history than the trace logs.

  • Hallo Byron,

    actually, the mid to long term plan of ESH not just includes viewing those files but even analysing them similar to what we already have in Sophos Mobile or SafeGuard Enterprise trace crawler. However, it is not first priority as we need a SEC version first, which is quiet a bit of effort.