UPdate URL gettin 'doubled' for Apple PC's


Have been investigatin why our Apple Mac's have trouble updating. Seems they are modifying the Update URL. We store our central store on a server called Utility.

We install from utility\sophosupdate\CIDs\S000\esc0sx, they have an Update Policy applied that points to the same URL.

After a while the URL changes to utility\sophosupdate\CIDs\S000\esc0sx\CIDs\S000\esc0sx which obviously does not work.

To try a workaround I have created the path CIDs\S000\ESCOSX in the original ESCOSX folder and copied the contents of the ESCOSX folder to it, the systems then happily update.

1. How do I prevent the URL altering?

2. With the workaround, do I need to keep copying the folder or does it refer back to the Warehous folder to get updates?


Simon Bryan

  • Hello Simon Bryan,

    first of all it's not esc0sx but ESCOSX. (case doesn't matter but zero vs. O does).

    How do I prevent the URL altering?
    specify the correct path in the Updating policy
    , the URL doesn't alter. The Address (as it's called in the policy) must specify only the root of the CIDs (usually just the share, \\utility\sophosupdate). the constant \CIDs, the subscription-specific "short tag" (\Snnn), and the platform-specific subfolder (\ESCOSX, \SAVSCFXP, and so on) are appended by the management server.


  • In reply to QC:

    Hi Christian

    apologies for the late reply the O v 0 thing was just a typo in my question.

    and yep specifying the correct path sure works a treat! That was my problem (apart from reaidn instructions) - all sorted