SEC Migration halted


I am in the process of migrating SEC running on a Windows Server 2008 R2 to 2016.   I am following the 5.5 migration guide.  I cannot continue with Step 9 (Install Management server and management console) because of managed computers running a version of RMS unsupported by Enterprise Console.  I ran a SQL query and located two macs that are below 9.4.0.  Shouldn't I be able to run a sql delete command to delete these two computers by their computer name so I can continue with the migration?




  • Hello Dusty,

    You should be able to run a SQL command to delete those machines, which would be something to the effect of

    delete from dbo.computersandeletedcomputers where name="machinename";

    Those machines should be able to check in again or you can reinstall Sophos.