I made a mistake when typing group path name in the sophos setup window. How to fix it?

****On my setup window, the "Sophos Client Firewall" was selected by default.

It's my day 2 on my training and I messed up when I was installing Sophos in a government enterprise where I wrongly typed the group path.

Instead of typing \SOPHOS-CONSOLE\MOE*** I typed \SOPHOS-CONSOLE\NOE*** and I pressed enter. I did copy-paste on the first PC then I thought I remembered the name correctly and typed it all wrong on the other 8 PCs. 

The Antivirus installed successfully without any error but the path was incorrect. Please help me to fix it. I'm in a bad situation because it's the government computers.

I only realised it when I was home but it's too late to fix it today so. I need to wait until Monday. I hope it's easy to fix.

*I just need to rename the red part above.