Sophos Data Control Events Scheduled Report


I have been asked to create a scheduled report detailing the Data Control Events. The Managed report option within the Enterprise Console (5.5.1) is not sufficient enough in detail. 


Ideally I would like the report to detail Date/time, User, Computer Rule, name Rule, action, File name, File size (KB), File type, Source path, Destination path, Destination type.

Does anyone know the best way to produce such a report please?  

Many Thanks

  • Hello RN01.

    there's no predefined report as you already know.
    The Reporting Interface provides the vEventsDataControlData view that returns most of the information shown by Events Data Control Events ... with the exception of the indicator that a rule has been modified since the event. And you'd have to map the ComputerID to the computer's Name.


  • In reply to QC:

    Thanks Christian for your quick response. I will give this a go. It will be the first time on using the reporting interface.