Including RMS to existing clients

Hi all.

I've got several thousand machines accessing our SEC via our WAN, mostly on separate domains, some on workgroups. 

Until now, the version of endpoint has had the RMS stripped out of it, but I could do with getting that deployed to all devices.

Is there a way of amending the CID so that the clients will magically pull it down and start applying it?  The rms subfolder exists within the CID but although the clients are grabbing the new virus SIDs, they're not pulling the RMS installer down.

Many thanks,


  • Hello ash,

    the CID always holds "everything". Which components are to be downloaded/updated/installed is determined upon initial installation. For the basic SAVXP and RMS components it's still iupd.cfg that tells AutoUpdate what to do but you can't change it "from the CID". The only supported method to make an endpoint managed is to (re-)install with the desired components selected.