Managed Endpoints Version Updates Via the Internet?

Currently running SEC 5.5 with endpoints set to update primarily from internal repositories.

As a second source I have set "sophos" - this generally works fine.

We have a few laptops that rarely connect to the internal network - it would appear to me that endpoints connecting to "sophos" only will not change their version i.e. go from 10.7 to 10.8 - can someone confirm?

Can version changes only happen from internal sources and not the "sophos" option?







  • Hello Peter,

    indeed endpoint get their version from the internal source. The will request the same version when updating from Sophos. If they don't contact the internal source the will be upgraded by Sophos only when their version reaches end of life.
    The reason is simple: You might use an updating schedule and your SUM does not download the new version as soon as it is available. Or you have decided to stay on the old version for some time (using Previous Recommended). In these cases the endpoint would upgrade when updating from Sophos only to downgrade when it's on the internal network.


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    Thanks Christian