Update Manager Fails to update.



Having issue with update managers, yesterday the 2nd level support engineer was working on some issue but got messed with the Main Update Manager. Now having problem in production environment.


Looking for quick response from anyone.



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  • Hello Faisal,

    I'd start with the 0x80040401 Software update failed. This is likely SUM failing to self-update. Please check the SUMSelfUpdaterLog.txt in %ProgramData%\Sophos\Update Manager\Logs\ for errors - note that it's cumulative so you should read it bottom-up. If there's a line Running the installer... and soon afterwards RunSUMInstaller: MsiInstallProductW returned with a value other than 0 (zero) then ther should be a corresponding Installer log named MSIxxxxx.log (where xxxxx are hex digits) in %windir%\Temp\ that has the error details.


  • Hi Faisal Raza1,

    I believe this is in with reference to one of the cases that you have mentioned in another thread. I am reviewing your case and checking with the respective engineers. I will have you updated on the issue.

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    i have the same problem haw can i resolve it please ??

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    Hello Aymen Aloui,

    Please have a look at my response in this thread