Scheduled scans of network folders

Hi Folks,

We have a Sophos Central Server Protection, and we're looking for a way to setup a scheduled scan for a shared network folder.

Could you please advice if that's possible to do at all and if it is how to do it.

I was thinking of mapping it as a network drive under "nt authority\system" account and setting it with a persistent key, but I'm not sure if that would help to include a that mapped network drive into a regular scheduled scan.

Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated!


  • Hello Taras Kuzmuk1,

    please ask questions pertaining to Central in the corresponding forum

    why do you want to do a scheduled scan from a remote computer instead of scanning on the host?
    The scan will probably see it as drive to include, be aware that it's not something Microsoft thinks it should be done. It is possible but might have unwanted consequences (see for example this thread on stackoverflow).


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    Hi Christian,

    Because it's a NAS, and antivirus it has onboard is far not the best.

    Thanks for a suggestion.

  • Thanks to Anurag Singh for this answer:

    A scheduled scan, if configured from SEC or from central, only scans locally connected hard disks.  NOT mapped drives.

    You need to go to the UI of the local server protection agent UI (accessible from system tray of server not Central), and setup a scheduled scan on that one server, and manually select the mapped drive to scan.


    Method 2, step 4. Have the location be a mapped drive.


    Same as above, step 3 select the mapped drive.

    As you are using central, the ONLY place where this can be done is from a Server, as it still has a UI that allows you to set scheduled scans on mapped drives. Hope this helps.

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    Hello Taras Kuzmuk1,

    I stand corrected. Indeed a (SYSTEM) mapped drive is ignored by a scheduled scan. My bad.