How can phone support be this BAD?

Has anyone else experience extremely poor telephone support? I have called twice in the last month and each time been on hold for at least an hour. The last time someone finally answered only to open a ticket and say someone would get back to me! We she was right but it took 8 days!!!

  • I can't answer your previous issues, but I am on hold with a UK or European help center.  Should say I am hold.  The US call center is located in MA and we are having a major storm so they may rerouting all calls to their European team..

    I speak with support rarely but when I do I have not had a negative experience.  Good Luck

  • yep it has been and is that bad.  I have gotten to the point that if i cannot fix it i do not bother opening a ticket.  I am routinely told i am wrong or that it is not a problem.  

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    the wait is unacceptable.  I have been on hold for 28 mins now.  Chat is totally a waste of time, not sure why they have it online.  I need my credentials checked so I am dead in he water until I speak with someone.  Sophos used to be the best, but thinking about moving on to another product.  

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    in case you didn't get your issue fixed(more likely) what is the issue you are experiencing?

  • confirming it is absolutely horrendous.

    Tickets that used to be resolved same day now take weeks or months.

    Thats AFTER you wait two hours for a triage person who cannot even resolve your issue to answer the phone./

  • So after talking with Sampson yesterday for 2 hours (plus the more than 1 hour of hold time) he ended up gathering logs. He was going to review them and call me back to at 11AM EST. That was over an hours ago and I have not heard anything. I also made several calls to a Drummond Wilson (604) 484-6851 who I was told was the support supervisor, but "shockingly" got his voicemail. I looked hom up and account to LinkedIn ( he is the support manager.

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    Supposedly the complete destruction of the Astaro support department and the rebuilding was supposed to improve support.  It was short lived apparently.

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    there is absolutely NO reason whatsoever a company that provides such a time critical support service would make users wait over an hour on hold just to get a first line triage person on the line.

  • That hold music... sounds like someone broadcasting elevator music over a Ham radio during an electrical storm. 

    It used to be VERY bad.  the last few months hold/wait time has improved.   I still do not dare to call after 5PM PST. their night support is painful. Not all product group support teams are equal, some of our sophos products i cringe calling for other products they have excellent support.

  • This is still happen till 2019 hufthh,

    how can this happen in urgently or critical help ?

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    Apologies for any inconvenience. Could you please PM details about the case you have registered with Sophos support so that I can look that for you?

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    Hi Shweta,

    i have several problem with different case number (9127577 & 9078942), but when i'm trying to get it solved fast with phone call, i think is not good idea because time to wait is tooo long and i don't understand why i'm not get a call dierctly from sophos (like other product Customer Service). Also trying to get in my region support is also not possible because time to wait also more long enough then US based support region, if phone came this long just give us solution from email (by remote when i also attached support remote ID) or the region support has proactive to call again customer.

    If the reply just to take a look community, actually we here always searching around in community first before we actually create a supporting ticket. what status level for ? (low, medium, High and the bad one is critical (which is using a phone call) ) if no body can take a look at this one? what also we pay supporting for ? i'm trying to get more sophos product (you can also check with my region distribution if i need more XG and another product) but actually i really disapointed about how sophos take care the customer. where i can go ?

    Thanks before and i'm sorry if any of my comment hurt you but this is the real one, maybe that case is easy for you guys but for us when this is about interconnection with our branch (see my case on 9127577) is truly critical but no one contact me.

    Have a nice day, hope my case fix it soon

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    We understand your concern regarding the interconnection with your other branch offices and criticality of the issue.

    We have notified the concerned team to contact you as soon as possible to resolve the case.

    I'd also recommend you to raise a case as CRITICAL when you have above-mentioned issues, so your case will be transferred to the next working region until it is resolved and you'll get 24x7 support.

  • SOPHOS Phone support is horrible. Every time I call, I have to wait at least 1 hour before I get someone on the phone. This is unacceptable. It used to be bad but now it is ridiculously bad. And the "on hold" music is the WORST. I get headaches every time I call SOPHOS Support. 

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    Sincere apologies for unusual hold times, would you please PM me the issue you are facing or the case number if you have already registered one so that we can look into the same?