Windows 10 CD/DVD-ROM issue

Hello all,

I believe I may have discovered an issue relating to Windows 10 and the Sophos endpoint agent.  I upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday and checked device manager to find that my DVD-RW was not functioning properly.  If I uninstall the device, rescan for hardware changes and let it automatically reinstall, it functions properly again.  Upon rebooting, the DVD-RW stops functioning again until I repeat the aforementioned steps.  I have noticed that after rebooting, a second driver is added for the DVD-RW from Sophos: sdcfilter.sys.  Presumably this is needed for the endpoint agent to perform device control functions such as blocking writable drivers which we do utilize in our environment.  I'm not positive this is causing the issue, but that evidence suggests that.  I am going to report this to Sophos support in hopes that it might be a bug that could be corrected in the upcoming 10.6 release for all those early adopters but I thought I'd post it on the forums as well in case anyone had a similar experience.  I've attached two screenshots to support my post.


  • Hello All, my first post in the forum

    just came here finding with google the problem explained by jbull, i have exactly the same problem happened two times so far, upgrading from 1607 to 1703 and again from 1703 to 1709, i thinked it was a windows related problem but the solution posted here to install manually sdcfilter.inf worked also for my notebook HP 250 G5

    weird thing was it solved itself while using 1703, now it can be explained that a sophos update caused a new installation of it and so it made the dvd back working again as someone noticed

    i hope it will be fixed with next releases but now we have a workaround for every major windows update

  • In reply to Simone Pecchenino:

    It should now get re-instated on the first update of Sophos (data, or product) following the upgrade of the OS where it is not migrated.

    This probably explains how it was fixed "while using 1703".

    has been updated with a note I see.